WFP Food Reaches Typhoon Survivors In Philippines

WFP rice and high energy biscuits were distributed to typhoon survivors in one of the worst hit areas of the Philippines on Thursday as the UN agency continued to fly in food and logistics supplies to the disaster zone. | Donate at

The rice formed part of food parcels which Philippines government officials began handing out to families in the Tacloban area on Wednesday. The food parcels also contained canned goods.

Meanwhile, packets of High Energy Biscuits were distributed to families waiting for evacuation at Tacloban airport. Ten tons of the biscuits arrived in the typhoon-ravaged city on Wednesday on board a C-130 transport plane from Manila. The biscuits are used in emergencies because they are nutritious, light to transport and need no cooking.

More of the biscuits will be arriving soon, along with Mobile Storage Units – portable warehouses crucial for the logistics of the humanitarian operation.

As it brings in emergency food supplies, WFP is also flying important equipment such as prefabricated offices, mobile storage units, generators and radio equipment. This is vital to allow the government and humanitarian community to properly organize the relief operation.

Three WFP IT experts have arrived in Tacloban and have begun providing communications support to the entire humanitarian relief effort. In the UN system, WFP coordinates the efforts of the humanitarian community in the areas of logistics and emergency telecoms.

On Tuesday the UN launched an appeal for $301m to help survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. As part of that global action plan, WFP is seeking a total of US$88.2 million for food assistance, and about US$12.8 million for logistics and emergency telecommunications operations.

Over the next six months, WFP plans to provide food assistance for 2.5 million people in the area hit by the typhoon.

The public response to WFP’s appeal has been generous and millions of dollars have been received in private donations. So far, governments providing funding include (in alphabetical order): Denmark, the EU, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Spain and the United States. WFP has advanced US$25 million to fund immediate assistance.

If you want to help WFP in this response, you can donate online by going to this link: