World Food Programme Deilvers Equipment to Honduran Health Secretary

Atención a Grupos Vulnerables (Attention to vulnerable groups) is a program that is implemented in coordination with the Secretary of Health and serves children 5 and under, who are malnourished, expectant mothers and breastfeeding mothers.

WFP delivered 16 computers with printers to Dr. Mireya Batres of the program which will be distributed to health centers in the departments of Choluteca, El Paraíso, Fco. Morazán, Valle, La Paz, Intibucá, Lempira and Santa. Bárbara.

This team will strengthen the monitoring and control that each beneficiary receives throughout the project and create a data base that more accurately reflects the nutritional recovery of the beneficiaries.

Dr. Batres thanked WFP representative, Mrs. Pasqualina Di Sirio, for the donated equipment (Valued at over $25,000), and reaffirmed her commitment to continue working together with WFP for the nutritional recovery and to guarantee an adequate nutrition in the first 1000 days for the children of Honduras.
Currently the Vulnerable Groups Program serves more than 8000 families living in food insecurity in 29 municipalities with the highest rates of malnutrition.