New Classroom Activity

Crisis Calculations - Haiti

crisis calculations pdf previewCrisis Calculations – Haiti” incorporates arithmetic into the information about the earthquake and its aftermath.

Staying informed about current events and social issues is an educational necessity. Teach and learn about the hunger crisis in Haiti by promoting students’ interest in current events and integrating them into the curriculum.

This activity is part of a math-themed series: “Crisis Calculations.” The activities are designed to be covered in the wake of a food crisis. The end result will be an understanding of hunger issues in a particular country, as well as an understanding that hunger is a global issue which affects countries in all areas of the planet. 

In addition students will gain an understanding of the current situation in Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 12 January, 2010.

Through calculations and comparing data, students will gain an understanding of the gravity of hunger and poverty around the world, the strategies being employed to combat the effects of these problems, and the efforts being made to create sustainable solutions.