New Teaching Materials - "Students Helping Haiti"

Another informational guide is available to students concerning the crisis in Haiti.

click to access the where in the world haiti pdfIn the wake of the massive earthquake that hit Haiti on 12 January, 2010, it’s important to teach students about disaster relief in food insecure countries. In this lesson,  students will learn about Haiti and the ways WFP is involved there. 

Bring the effort to help Haiti into the classroom. Here, you can find teaching materials incorporating the current situation in Haiti into the regular curriculum in your school. The newest addition, "Where in the World - Haiti" combines geography, social studies, and writing exercises while encouraging students' interest in current events and social issues.


All you need is the lesson plan and access to the Internet.


For more information on how students can be involved with WFP's efforts in Haiti, visit the "Students Helping Haiti" page.

Link fixed

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The link is now available - thanks for bringing it to our attention.
Let us know what you think< and don't forget to sign up your school for "Students Helping Haiti"
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