World Food Day Action Countdown - 4 days to go

 We are calling on you to take action in the days running up to World Food Day. Each day counting down to October 16, we will issue a daily challenge as part of our A Billion for a Billion campaign and the ONE Campus Challenge.




We live in a world that is more connected through technology than ever before. Social media has permeated the lives of millions and given a voice to the voiceless. Let’s give a voice to the billion hungry in the world, who too often remain hidden.

Action: Call on the Twestival to choose hunger as the theme for the 2010 global event. Either send a tweet to @twestival or drop them an email at

What is the Twestival? The Twitter festival brings people together online and offline to advocate for an issue. In 2009, the Twestival worked to get people clean drinking water. In 2010, let’s see that people have access to food.

We’ve been focusing on small actions you can take to make a difference. This small act- reaching out to the event organizers – could lead to a larger group effort to raise awareness about hunger and poverty and bring change to those who need it most.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pointed to social media as the tools for engaging a “truly global society”.

The ripple effect of the internet is the same as the principle, “let each one, teach one;” each person can effect change by reaching out to educating someone they know.

Whether it’s 140 characters on Twitter, emails to elected officials, information displayed on a widget on your blog or Facebook profile or more trustworthy measures of data, these tools enable us to reach out to one another like never before.

As Brown says, “Take…what modern technology is capable of: the power of our moral sense allied with the power of communications and our ability to organize internationally. That… gives us the first opportunity as a community to fundamentally change the world.”

Let’s view all of our actions this week as part of a larger push to move towards a more just world.

Let’s raise our voices about hunger.


The World Food Day Action Countdown is the result of a joined initiative between the Billion for a Billioncampaign (calling for the online billion ot help the hungry billion) and the ONE Campus Challenge (that invites university students to take part in the fight against hunger for credits).