World Food Day Action Countdown - 7 days to go

 We are calling on you to take action in the days running up to World Food Day. Each day counting down to October 16, we will issue a a daily challenge as part of our A Billion for a Billion campaign and the ONE Campus Challenge.



We’re more than halfway through the countdown challenge! Celebrate by trying out a new recipe and sharing what you’ve made with your friends. Use the opportunity to talk about the challenge and why you’re participating.

Action: Raise awareness about hunger by cooking something for your friends. You can use these recipes, created by famous chefs, as inspiration. Take a picture of what you make and email it to us


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Four restaurants with world-class chefs have joined forces with us to raise awareness about the importance of school meals. Each chef has created a special regional dish on their menus throughout October, highlighting an area of the world where we provide food. They’re donating 25 percent of sales from these dishes to provide meals for school children in developing countries.

Can’t visit these restaurants? The chefs are giving you a chance to serve up your own version of their special recipes at home. By sharing their talent and creativity, they’re spreading the word on their menus to diners like you. You can use their recipes, or make one of your own, to spread the word about the importance of school meals too!

Why are meals at school important? They provide hope to millions of school children all over the world. No one can learn on an empty stomach.

Food is also a major incentive for families to send their children — especially girls — to school in places where families struggle get their next meal. Some 66 million children attend school hungry in the developing world. But it only takes 25 cents a day to fill the cup and provide a nutritious meal.

For inspiration, check out these recipes from world-class chefs here, and get cooking!

The World Food Day Action Countdown is the result of a joined initiative between the Billion for a Billioncampaign (calling for the online billion ot help the hungry billion) and the ONE Campus Challenge (that invites university students to take part in the fight against hunger for credits).