1 December 2009

Haiti: 15-Month-Old Alexis Gets Fighting Chance

Natasha Belony, like three-quarters of Haitians, lives on less than US $2 a day and feeding her children is a daily struggle. Her 15-month old son is malnourished but he has just started receiving WFP nutritional support and so he has a good chance of recovering.

Fight Against HIV/AIDS
30 November 2009

Food Assistance Helps Africa Live With HIV/AIDS

To support children orphaned by AIDS and those living with HIV/AIDS themselves, WFP provides food and nutrition to 2.3 million people across Africa. Those on anti-retroviral treatment are particularly in need of a nutritious diet to ensure that their drug therapy is as effective as possible.

Fight Against HIV/AIDS
30 November 2009

"Good Nutrition Makes HIV Treatment More Effective"

Speaking to on the eve of World AIDS Day 2009, WFP's Chief of Nutrition and HIV/AIDS Martin Bloem highlights how good nutrition increases the effectiveness of the drugs used in HIV treatment.

ED - J.Sheeran
29 November 2009

Sharing The Privilege Of Abundance

This article, written jointly by WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran and Arianna Huffington on the occasion of US Thanksgiving celebrations, appeared in the Huffington Post on 26 November 2009. Go to HuffPost
A Billion for a Billion
27 November 2009

Three Gift Ideas For Holiday Season 2009

WFP has three ideas for anyone in search of original gifts for loved ones this holiday season. Each of these will help to feed the world’s hungry – something that the receiver of the gift is sure to appreciate.

Responding to Emergencies
26 November 2009

El Salvador: WFP Sustains Families Hit By Hurricane Ida

Estela Nuñez, who lost 15 family members in the storms and floods which swept El Salvador in the wake of Hurricane Ida, is among the thousands of people who are benefitting from WFP emergency food assistance as they start to rebuild their lives.
Focus on Women
25 November 2009

Afghanistan: Abused Wife Gains Respect Through Food Aid

Frustrated by their poverty and the lack of food for the family, Jamila's husband used to beat her. But the violence subsided after she enrolled in a WFP-supported training project which eased the food problem and also taught her a trade.

Responding to Emergencies
25 November 2009

“We’re In An Era Of Food Insecurity”

With absolute numbers of hungry pushing past a billion for the first time, the global food and financial crises have ushered in an era of unprecedented food insecurity, the head of the World Food Programme warned this week in Washington.

Aid professionals
24 November 2009

School Meals Effective But Lack Support, Report Shows

As governments grapple with fallout from the global economic crisis, a new report from WFP and the World Bank shows that school meals and similar programmes are vital to keeping children in school, improving their learning and health, and promoting food security.
WFP Ambassadors
23 November 2009

Former President Fills The Cup In Kenyan Village

A champion of the fight against hunger, former Ghanaian President John Kufuor, has just visited a remote Kenyan village to see how school meals are helping to secure an education for children from even the poorest families.


Fighting Hunger Worldwide