Responding to Emergencies
18 November 2009

Hunger Lingers In Horn Of Africa Despite Rains

Erratic rains, conflict and stubbornly high food prices are exacerbating hunger across the countries of the Horn of Africa. WFP is aiming to feed some 20 million people in the coming months.

A Billion for a Billion
17 November 2009

Harnessing The Internet: Online Billion Helps Hungry Billion

WFP is calling for a billion global citizens who have enough food to eat to take action to help feed the billion people on the planet who go to bed hungry each night.

A Billion for a Billion
17 November 2009

Five Reasons Why We Can Defeat Hunger

The world is better positioned than ever before to fight and defeat global hunger, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran told delegates at the World Food Summit in Rome, citing the commitment, knowhow and unity that now exist around the issue.
Aid professionals
17 November 2009

Ban Ki-moon Honours WFP Staff Killed In Pakistan Bombing

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attended a commemoration ceremony at WFP headquarters on Monday to remember the five men and women who died last month in a bomb blast in Pakistan. He once again condemned the "senseless" attack.

A Billion for a Billion
16 November 2009

10 Ways Companies Can Help WFP Fight Hunger

Feeding the billion hungry people in the world today will take commitment from all parts of society. And that includes companies.
Preventing Hunger
16 November 2009

Summit Seeks Next Steps In Fight Against Hunger

Delegations from 60 countries gathered in Rome on Monday for a three-day summit aimed at giving new impulse to the fight against world hunger. The summit comes after recent setbacks raised the number of hungry to more than a billion people. Read declaration

Focus on Women
16 November 2009

"Women Are The Secret Weapon To Fight Hunger"

Women are the secret weapon to fight hunger, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran told first ladies gathering in Rome on the eve of the World Food Summit.
Food Security Analysis
10 November 2009

El Salvador: Food Assistance Needed After Hurricane Ida

WFP estimates that as many as 10,000 people in El Salvador will need urgent food assistance in the coming days after heavy rains swept across the country, leaving more than 100 people dead and causing extensive damage.

10 November 2009

Philippines: The 9,374-Kilometre Journey Of Antonio’s Biscuit

WFP has distributed over 230 tons of High Energy Biscuits in the Philippines as part of its response to the recent typhoons. Intent on seeing how the biscuits get from factory to beneficiary, Martin Penner followed one packet all the way to a little boy called Antonio. Watch video

School Meals
9 November 2009

Bolivian Farmers Support Local School Meals

WFP has long provided food for school meals projects around the world, convinced of their importance in fighting hunger. But in an ideal world the food would come not from WFP but from local producers. In Bolivia this is starting to happen.


Fighting Hunger Worldwide