15 September 2009

Portraits Of Hunger: Francisca Casiano (Guatemala)

In Guatemala, WFP’s vital programme providing nutritious food supplements to 100,000 children and 50,000 pregnant and lactating women, is hanging by a thread.

Responding to Emergencies
15 September 2009

Portraits Of Hunger: Jennifer Kasani (Kenya)

In Kenya, where drought and high food prices have pushed almost 4 million into the hunger trap, WFP is preparing to reduce rations in October.
15 September 2009

Guatemala: Food Shortages Compound Malnutrition Problems

Guatemala has been hit by severe food shortages recently, worsening what were already dangerous levels of malnutrition. Fresh from a visit to the worst affected areas in the east of the country, WFP field monitor Lida Escobar describes what she saw.

Preventing Hunger
13 September 2009

WFP Pays Tribute To Father Of Green Revolution

Norman Ernest Borlaug, an American agronomist and humanitarian whose work on high-yield crops ensured millions of people escaped hunger, died on September 12. He was "our great champion in the battle against hunger," said WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran.
Responding to Emergencies
11 September 2009

Drought-Stricken Kenyans Struggle For One Meal A Day

In Kenya’s Rift Valley, crops have failed and people are lucky if they eat even one meal a day. Many now face a choice between migrating to urban slums in search of food and work or staying put and breaking stones to earn enough to survive.

Responding to Emergencies
8 September 2009

Food Rations Delivered To West African Flood Victims

WFP has started distributing vital food rations to the victims of widespread flooding across West Africa, launching emergency operations in Burkina Faso, Niger and Mauritania for thousands of people in the worst affected areas.
Food Security Analysis
7 September 2009

Financial Crisis Eases But Leaves Hunger Legacy

A year after the start of a crisis that rocked the global financial system, there are signs in the developed world that the economy is recovering. But elsewhere the crisis has left a "hunger legacy" which will not go away any time soon.

Fight Against HIV/AIDS
7 September 2009

Food Rations Start To Dry Up In Southern Africa

Food assistance enables millions of people in southern Africa to cope with the impact of HIV/AIDS, high food prices and natural disasters. But with WFP facing an unprecedented budget shortfall, many risk losing this critical support.

Climate Change
4 September 2009

WFP And WMO Step Up Collaboration On Weather Data

GENEVA -- WFP and the World Meteorological Organisation are stepping up collaboration on climate and weather data, boosting the amount of information that the food assistance agency has available to help it fight hunger ...
School Meals
3 September 2009

Beating All Odds, Refugee Girl Shines At School

As teenagers around the world think glumly about the return to school, there’s one in Kenya who sees her return as a triumph. And it is. After being raised in the world’s largest refugee camp, Fatuma Omar beat the odds to win a scholarship to Nairobi’s best girls’ school. Watch video


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