4 September 2007

Hunger's global hotspots: 4 September 2007

In regions wracked by violence or submerged by floods, the first emergency is how to deliver enough food as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are some of the crises counted among WFP's "global hotspots".
4 September 2007

WFP welcomes US$100,000 donation from Japan to Georgia

WFP welcomed a US$100,000 donation from Japan to support the agency’s relief and recovery operations in Georgia, including providing food assistance to some 8,000 of the most vulnerable people in the country.
31 August 2007

Major US donations welcomed for hungry poor in Africa and Asia

WFP hs welcomed major US government contributions for August totaling US$69 million, aimed at feeding people in seven countries confronting humanitarian challenges ranging from severe drought to civil conflict.
29 August 2007

Philippines president visits WFP typhoon relief operation

Philippines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo visited a WFP distribution on 24 August and handed out food rations to families displaced by Typhoon Reming last December.
24 August 2007

Swift contribution from European Union helps Peru in its hour of need

As more than 150,000 hungry and desperate survivors of last week’s earthquake continue to seek help, WFP thanked the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) for its contribution of €400,000 for food assistance.
20 August 2007

Gazans face the progressive collapse of their economy

Arnold Vercken, WFP Representative in the occupied Palestinian territory, has warned of a progressive collapse of the Gazan economy as a result of border restrictions and a breakdown of services. WFP oPt spokesperson Kirstie Campbell reports
16 August 2007

North Korea's flooded 'rice bowl'

Following a visit to flooded areas of North Korea, WFP's acting country director, Michael Dunford, tells the BBC news website what he saw and how the floods are affecting a country already dependent on food aid.

10 August 2007

Nine-year-old Hunger Essay winner to visit WFP

Nine-year-old Nicole Ribeiro will visit the World Food Programme's headquarters in Rome as a reward for winning a Hunger Essay competition run for schools in the district of Guarulhos in Brazil's State of São Paulo.
10 August 2007

Refugee to rapper: an interview with Emanuel Jal

Emmanuel Jal's rise from refugee status to world-renowed rapper is an inspiration to African children. In this exclusive interview with WFP's Jennifer Mizgata, the former child soldier from southern Sudan explains why education holds the key to unlocking the potential of the world's poor and hungry people.

7 August 2007

WFP sends food to stranded flood victims in South Asia

WFP has begun distributing high energy biscuits and other food to victims of severe flooding in Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan and is preparing to step up its operations if requested by governments.


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