31 January 2007

The changing face of famine

Despite China’s rapid economic growth and India’s healthy democracy, you could say that there’s one area where Africa beats the Asian giants: in the famine stakes. Dr Stephen Devereux, editor of the book “The New Famines” (Routledge 2006) talks to WFP web writer Michelle Hough about why Africa is on the frontline of the chronic hunger battle.
25 January 2007

Catalan cooperation agency supports WFP operation in DR Congo

WFP has welcomed a donation of more than US$300,000 from the Catalan Cooperation Agency for Development, an organisation of the Generalitat of Catalonia which governs this Spanish autonomous community.
25 January 2007

WFP welcomes historic donation from Tunisia

WFP has welcomed its first donation from Tunisia since 1997, which will go to assist impoverished people worldwide. WFP expressed the hope that the donation would set in motion a continuing and growing partnership with Tunisia.
25 January 2007

WFP welcomes US$1.3 million critical EU donation to Algeria

WFP has welcomed a US$1.3 million contribution from the European Commission Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) to theist operation to prvide food aid to Western Saharan refugees in Algeria.
24 January 2007

Egypt’s once-barren hills bear fruit with WFP's help

Mangoes and cantaloupes are springing up in the hills along the river Nile in a WFP-assisted project to help poor Egyptian farmers prosper. WFP spokesperson Khaled Mansour went to see the flourishing crops in the previously arid area.

23 January 2007

WFP applauds US$1.3 million Indian donation to assist Iraqi children

WFP has welcomed a US$1.3 million donation from India to WFP’s Iraq operation, which assists 3.8 million people, more than half of whom are children.
2 January 2007

WFP operations in Somalia start to return to normal

WFP operations in Somalia started to return to normal today after the disruption of the last two weeks.
29 December 2006

UN humanitarian flights to Somalia resume; WFP operations continue

he United Nations Common Air Services (UNCAS) which is managed by WFP, resumed humanitarian flights into Somalia on Friday 29 December with a plane leaving Nairobi for Hargeisa in northern Somalia carrying humanitarian workers and cargo.
27 December 2006

WFP suspends airdrops, helicopter operations in Somalia

WFP said today it had suspended its helicopter operation delivering humanitarian aid from the Somali port of Kismayo and both its air drop operation and passenger flights from Kenya into Somalia.

17 December 2006

Blood Diamond interview: WFP's Paul Arès recalls the human fallout from Sierra Leone's diamond wars

The brutal 1990s conflict in Sierra Leone is the subject of the new film Blood Diamond. Paul Arès talks to WFP web writer Michelle Hough about his experiences as WFP regional manager for West Africa during a time when WFP food aid was a lifesaver for the thousands of civilians caught in the crossfire.


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