15 February 2008

Poor communities fight climate change in Mozambique

Dry and dusty fields in Mozambique become lush carpets of green thanks to a WFP supported irrigation project. WFP spokesperson Ralf Suedhoff looks at how poor communities can fight the devastating effects of climate change with a little bit of help.
14 February 2008

Maria Lucia Osorio: working with Colombia's displaced

WFP staff often face challenges that call for quiet and persistent acts of bravery. Maria Lucia Osorio is one of those people. She tells WFP's Heather Hill what it's like helping Colombia's displaced rebuild their shattered lives.
7 February 2008

Frequently Asked Questions about Fill the Cup

Who, what and why of WFP's "Fill the Cup" child hunger campaign, including how you can help fill it up.
5 February 2008

Domande frequenti su "Fill the Cup"

"Fill the Cup" è una campagna internazionale di sensibilizzazione e raccolta fondi a beneficio di 59 milioni di bambini che, nei paesi in via di sviluppo, vanno a scuola affamati.
5 February 2008

Life gets harder in Narobi slums after Kenya violence

The eruption of anger and violence in Kenya in the wake of disputed elections has been particularly intense in the crowded slums of Nairobi, where almost two-thirds of the city’s population live. WFP spokesperson Penny Ferguson went to a food distribution at Woodley stadium on the outskirts of Kibera.
31 January 2008

Hunger's global hotspots: 29th January 2008

In regions wracked by violence or submerged by floods, the first emergency is how to deliver enough food as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are some of the crises counted among WFP's "global hotspots".
30 January 2008

Subhash Singh: Nepal, the deep field and insurgents

WFP staff often face challenges that call for quiet and persistent acts of bravery. Subhash Singh is one of those people. He spoke to Heather Hill about some hair-raising moments during his time working for WFP in Nepal.

25 January 2008

Kenya crisis: distribution in the Rift Valley

The World Food Programme has said that its Kenyan partners had started providing food assistance from WFP and the Government of Kenya in a new round of distributions in the slums of Nairobi hit by post-election violence and intimidation.
24 January 2008

Gaza update: 24 January 2008

There is a serious food crisis in the Gaza Strip resulting from a progressive seven-month economic blockade.
23 January 2008

British School children dig deep to help the hungry

School children in the British county of Gloucestershire have raised more than US$10,000 for WFP in a fundraising campaign called "Buy One. Give One Free."


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