Students And Teachers
18 December 2008

Princeton Choirs Raise Funds for WFP in Africa

Eleven choirs in Princeton, New Jersey, have contributed music for a new Christmas CD to help support WFP school meals initiatives in Africa.

17 December 2008

WFP Calls For Human Rescue Package

From start to finish, 2008 was one of the most challenging in the World Food Programme’s history. The impact of high food prices, followed by the global financial downtown have placed extra strains on WFP’s work, and the lives of the almost 100 million people we aim to feed next year.
17 December 2008

VitaCereal Helps Boost Birthweight in Guatemala

Gregoria Sanchez, 20, stands waiting with her two children to receive her monthly ration of a fortified maize-soy meal called VitaCereal. Gregoria has come to this isolated distribution point, several miles walk from her home, because she knows this stuff makes a difference. She only has to look at her children.
16 December 2008

Men, Machetes and Micro-nutrients (Staff Profile)

Silvia Ponce didn't expect to be arguing with a dozen machete-wielding men just weeks after taking a job as a nutritionist with the World Food Programme in Guatemala. But all in all, it wasn't a bad experience, she says.

16 December 2008

WFP Helps Congo Refugee Town Cope

Goma, 16 December 2008 - Gety, a small town the Orientale Province, is bursting at the seams after becoming a refuge for thousands of people displaced by fighting between various militias in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Food For Assets
15 December 2008

How to Make Your Fields Greener

Volli Carucci knows how to bring a brown, barren landscape back to life. A dry gully becomes an orchard; an arid hillside turns green with grass. The system is called MERET, which stands for Managing Environmental Resources to Enable Transition. Carucci helped develop it, as Heather Hill explains.
15 December 2008

EU Provides Long-Term Protection for WFP Lifeline to Somalia

MOMBASA -- WFP today thanked the European Union for providing naval escorts to protect ships loaded with WFP food against piracy, saying the deployment was a longer-term solution that would help save lives in ...
Fight Against HIV/AIDS
13 December 2008

Food Helps Father of 4 Live With HIV

Three years ago, Ntsonyama Sekoai finally summoned up the courage to take an HIV test. For months he had been feeling sick and losing weight. Too weak to work, all he could do was watch as his family grew ever more impoverished and desperate.

Responding to Emergencies
12 December 2008

DRC: Gunfire Disrupts Food Distribution

Goma, 7 November 2008 - It sounded like a ripple of distant fireworks to me but to the thousands of displaced people gathered at Kibati camp for a WFP food distribution it was something infinitely more menacing and terrifying.
9 December 2008

A 50-Kilometer Trek for Food in Southern Somalia

EL-BERDE, Somalia, 9 December 2008 - With only a few livestock left alive and her one-year-old malnourished twins growing weaker by the day, Mumina Bile Abdi trekked 50 kilometres from her village in Godgod to El-Berde to receive food from WFP in this town on Somalia’s border with Ethiopia.


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