11 August 2006

Toronto AIDS: Real life stories of people living with HIV & hunger

An International AIDS Conference in Toronto on 13 – 18 August, gathers together experts and people living with HIV to discuss how to combat the deadly disease. WFP will illustrate the necessity of good nutrition in fighting the disease.
9 August 2006

Ethiopian floods drag whole families from their homes

A flood in the eastern Ethiopian city of Dire Dawa has swept away homes, killing over 200 people and displacing many more. Melese Awoke looks at the impact of the disaster on one woman’s life.

9 August 2006

WFP operational update: Lebanon

WFP delivers one week's rations to Beirut IDPs; two ships en route to the Lebanon capital's port; convoy heads for Sidon.
8 August 2006

Beirut blog: a tale of two cities

Daytime Beirut has a deceptive air of normality. But look a little more closely and the signs are there, writes WFP spokesperson Robin Lodge in the second installment of his Beirut blog -- first published on The Guardian Unlimited website.
7 August 2006

France boosts WFP operation in Lebanon with cash and logistics support

WFP today welcomed a highly significant donation from the government of France of two million euros to provide immediate food assistance and logistical support to assist hundreds of thousands of people affected by the conflict in Lebanon.
7 August 2006

WFP operational update: Lebanon

WFP dispatches two more UN convoys as UN Humanitarian Coordinator calls on IDF to cease all actions hindering supply of relief materials; French airlift due to arrive in Beirut; Greek vessel being loaded up in Brindisi, Italy with humanitarian supplies.

6 August 2006

WFP operational update: UN convoys reach eastern Lebanon

UN convoys reach eastern Lebanon for first time; Al-Arida-Beirut humanitarian corridor reopens; food distributed in Beirut; Portuguese Air Force airlift from UN Humanitarian Depot to Beirut continues.
4 August 2006

WFP blog: a journey through Lebanon

In the first of a series of blogs from Beirut, WFP spokesperson Robin Lodge describes the difficulties involved in bringing relief along bomb-damaged roads to citizens in southern Lebanon. This report first appeared on the Guardian Unlimited website.
4 August 2006

WFP operational update: major setbacks and developments in WFP's ability to deliver urgent aid

Bombing threatens to sever vital humanitarian supply route between Beirut and Syria; C-130 Hercules flies to Beirut loaded with humanitarian supplies; Beirut-Jezzine convoy on the road; Princess Haya visits Syria.
3 August 2006

Media advisory: Princess Haya and WFP chief to meet displaced Lebanese in Syria

Her Royal Highness Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, WFP’s Goodwill Ambassador, and James Morris, Executive Director of WFP, will make a one-day visit to Syria on Friday to meet Lebanese refugees who have fled the crisis in Lebanon.


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