20 June 2006

Palestinians reach out for a lifeline

Ahmad and many children like him who can be seen rummaging through garbage cans in Gaza, are part of a serious humanitarian crisis unfolding in the occupied Palestinian territory. Mia Turner tells us about the gravity of the situation.

16 June 2006

Lithuania makes first WFP donation for Indonesia quake

The Government of Lithuania has made its first ever donation to WFP, providing US$37,000 in response to the massive earthquake that hit the Indonesian island of Java last month.
15 June 2006

East Sudan: a forgotten crisis

Ask most people where the crises are in Sudan, and they will say Darfur and the south. But the east of the country is also living its own silent crisis, which has been largely ignored by the world.

9 June 2006

Rebuilding following the Java quake: where to begin?

Samiono lost his home and mother in the Java earthquake. With his face bruised and bandaged, he stands amidst the wreckage of his home and wonders how he can rebuild his home and his live. WFP spokesperson Barry Came reports.

9 June 2006

Seeking safety amid the violence of Timor Leste

In a small corner of the capital of Timor Leste, a nun is acting as bodyguard. Sister Guilhermina has confiscated dozens of swords, machetes and homemade weapons from men seeking to enter her compound where thousands of Timorese have sought asylum following recent unrest in the capital.

6 June 2006

WFP emergency response to Indonesia quake: June 6

WFP is planning to feed 100,000 beneficiaries in June and July in the Yogyakarta province of Indonesia following the May 27 Java earthquake.
1 June 2006

WFP emergency response to Indonesia quake: June 1

WFP is erecting Wickhall temporary warehouses in Bantul District today for use as a food storage and distribution point.
1 June 2006

WFP operational update: Timor Leste

WFP is providing highly fortified biscuits to 6,000 children and pregnant women in displaced people’s camps in and around Timor Leste's capital, Dili, to complement the government’s relief rations.
30 May 2006

WFP and Canada fighting hunger together

WFP Executive Director James Morris and Josée Verner, Canadian Minister of International Cooperation, discussed Canada’s support of the agency and how the country can help WFP respond to needs following Indonesia’s earthquake in a meeting on 29 May in Ottawa.
30 May 2006

WFP emergency response to Indonesia quake: May 30

Following the Java earthquake, WFP is recommending general food distribution be provided for close to 100,000 people.


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