26 March 2007

WFP hails generous donation from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania

WFP has hailed a second generous donation in the space of seven months from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its operation in Mauritania, which is strongly directed towards saving young children from the ravages of malnutrition.
23 March 2007

Hunger's global hotspots

From Afghanistan to Sudan, WFP is on the frontline of crises across the globe. Find out the latest from these hotspots with WFP's weekly operational priorities update.
22 March 2007

Laos: a road out of the wilderness with WFP's help

The Hmong people live without running water and electricity in the isolated hills of Laos. WFP intern Anke Kampshreur went to see a road project which is paving the way to the outside world.

21 March 2007

Pakistan: building blocks of the future

In October 2005, the Pakistan earthquake pulverised buildings into concrete pancakes and killed an estimated 73,000 people. Amjad Jamal looks at a WFP initiative to help build quake-resistant buildings.
19 March 2007

WFP lauds support from Japan to three of Africa's least developed countries

WFP has welcomed an announcement by the Government of Japan that it intends to donate US$5.7 million (JPY 670 million) to assist more than 1.5 million chronically hungry people in three of Africa’s least developed countries: Somalia, Guinea, and Sao Tome and Principe.

16 March 2007

DJ BoBo blog from Ethiopia

WFP National Ambassador, DJ BoBo, swaps his native Switzerland for the heat of Ethiopia in a trip to check out WFP's work in the region. WFP spokesperson, Simon Pluess, was with him.
16 March 2007

Hunger's global hotspots: 16th March 2007

From the floods in Mozambique, to the high seas off the coast of Somalia, WFP is on the frontline of crises across the globe. Find out the latest from these hotspots with WFP's weekly operational priorities update.
13 March 2007

Spanish contribution allows continued food assistance to Colombian refugees in Ecuador

A contribution of more than US$395,000 from the Government of Spain to WFP will allow the UN agency to continue providing humanitarian assistance to almost 8,000 Colombian nationals in Ecuador who have fled the conflict in their home country.
12 March 2007

Domestic Violence Amidst Palestine’s Poverty

Their men are ashamed at not being able to provide for their families. The women are fearful of what their husbands will do in their frustration. Kirstie Campbell looks at the fate of women in the poverty-stricken occupied Palestinian territories.

12 March 2007

Dubai donation begins rescue of WFP food aid operation in Cambodia

WFP has welcomed an urgently needed contribution of US$1 million from the Government of Dubai in response to its appeal to end drastic food aid cuts affecting 700,000 poor Cambodians, including HIV/AIDS and TB patients.


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