25 April 2006

Education for women in east Sudan: the stuff of dreams

Women in east Sudan are challenging traditional tribal views that education is only for boys and men, and are learning to read and write in a WFP-organised programme.

21 April 2006

Poland's Korzeniowski appeals to fellow sportsmen

Following his recent visit to WFP school feeding projects in Mali, Poland's quadruple gold medallist Robert Korzeniowski makes an impassioned plea to his fellow sportsmen to use their international profiles to keep Africa's hungry children on the international agenda

12 April 2006

Food-for-work takes the strain out of Niger's lean season

The scorched landscape of Niger hides a secret. Crescent-shaped grooves etched into the earth by workers collect vital water for a plentiful harvest. Marcus Prior looks at how WFP's Food for Work programme provides a buffer for Nigeriens waiting for their crops to grow.
10 April 2006

Kashmiri women can take their future into their own hands - with your help

With the help of WFP, Kashmiri women are taking their lives into their own hands and building a future from the ruins of the October earthquake. Caroline Chaumont tells us of their determination to piece their broken lives back together.

7 April 2006

Olympic champion Korzeniowski joins the fight against hunger

One of Poland’s most famous athletes, Olympic gold-medallist Robert Korzeniowski starts a three day visit to Mali, where he will witness first-hand how WFP helps children.
30 March 2006

Lifting the burden of drought from Ethiopian farmers

When the rains don’t come and the harvests fail, families in Ethiopia go hungry. However, the world's first humanitarian insurance policy, an initiative spearheaded by WFP, the World Bank and the Ethiopian Government, offers a glimmer of hope to poor families in the country.

27 March 2006

Fear and violence in the Central African Republic

Tens of thousands of people from the Central African Republic have sought refuge in neighbouring Chad over the past three years following violence and insecurity in their homeland. Marcus Prior tells us more about the waves of refugees who cross the border.

27 March 2006

Navigating the roads of quake-hit Kashmir

Road conditions are a daily challenge for WFP food deliveries in Pakistan-administrated Kashmir. Claude-Andre Nadon, a Canadian mountain guide from the UN Office for Projects Services (UNOPS) went on a road assessment mission for WFP with his colleague, a Pakistani mountain guide, Rehmat Ali.

24 March 2006

Cadillac Europe donates proceeds from eBay auction to WFP East Africa operation

Online bidding for the new Cadillac BLS gets underway on eBay with Cadillac Europe pledging to donate the highest bid to WFP and its efforts to feed over six million hungry people in East Africa.
22 March 2006

Floods in Ecuador cause food insecurity

WFP in collaboration with the Ecuadoran Government will provide food rations to help 5,000 families affected by recent heavy flooding along parts of Ecuador’s coast.


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