19 May 2006

From China to Chile the world unites against hunger

In a global effort to eradicate hunger, WFP has called on people in well over one hundred countries to take to the streets and “Fight Hunger: Walk the World” on Sunday 21 May.
17 May 2006

Conquering mountains and child hunger

Walk the World fever is sweeping Tanzania as thousands of people gear up for a five-kilometre charity walk in seven cities and towns around the country, ahead of Sunday's global march against child hunger.

16 May 2006

Largest Saudi donation to WFP to assist Horn of Africa

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has donated US$10 million in cash to WFP's operations in the Horn of Africa, where over six million people in six countries are rapidly running out of food following several seasons of severe drought.
15 May 2006

Press conference: global walk against child hunger

WFP and its partners are mobilising hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to walk together on 21 May to call for an end to child hunger.
12 May 2006

Bringing the faces of hunger into British railway stations

In a pioneering new venture, British commuters travelling to and from some of the biggest railway stations in the United Kingdom, will be able to tune in to on-screen broadcasts of a selection of WFP’s public service announcements.
12 May 2006

WFP benefits from herd of cows descending on Paris

Colourful fibreglass cows grazing on the streets of Paris are part of a ground-breaking international art initiative to raise money to help WFP fight hunger.
10 May 2006

Greece donates $1.2million to WFP

Deputy Foreign Minister Evripidis Stylianidis has announced a new donation of €1.2 million and signed an agreement with WFP reinforcing Greece’s increasing commitment to meet humanitarian needs around the globe.
9 May 2006

Japan donates flour to WFP operation in Gaza

WFP has welcomed a Japanese donation of 1,000 metric tonnes of wheat flour which reached Gaza’s hard-hit population.
9 May 2006

WFP and UNICEF celebrate historical meeting

WFP Executive Director James T. Morris and UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman met in Panama City on 9 May 2006 with the heads of their Latin America and Caribbean country offices to intensify common efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals adopted by the international community.
8 May 2006

Determined and motivated: a WFP volunteer in Afghanistan

Toshiko Kitahara flung herself into fundraising in her native Japan following a period as a volunteer with WFP in Afghanistan. Her goal was to build a school with the help of WFP food for work, and get Afghan girls into education so they could improve their lives. Jackie Dent reports.


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