Pakistan - One Year Later

Moniba wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She is scared of snakes and her favourite subject is English.

She’s not that different from any other student in grade 5.

But, Moniba lives in Pakistan and a little over a year ago her country was hit with the worst natural disaster in its history.  Monsoon rains caused massive flooding across the country and in response WFP developed an emergency relief operation that assisted more than 8.7 million people.

One year later the flood victims are returning to their normal lives with the help of food-based assistance programmes. The programmes are helping students like Moniba and her family get back on their feet.

Amjad Jamal, WFP’s public information officer in Pakistan, sat down with Moniba and asked her a few questions about her life and the impact WFP has had. 

Tell me about yourself.

My name is Moniba and I study in Class 5 in the Government Primary School of Manglor in Swat.


What’s the first thing you think about in the morning?

When I get up in the morning first I wish to pray, and then prepare for school.


How is WFP helping to make your life better?

We save our pocket money as we get biscuits from WFP in School and we eat those biscuits at lunch. The oil we get also helps save money and my mother uses it to make ‘paratha’ (bread that has oil on it).


What is your favourite food, and how is it cooked?

I like peas and they can be cooked easily.


Tell me about your favourite movie, and why do you like it?

My favourite drama is Babol on Pakistan Television Channel.


moniba with her classmates at her deskWhat’s your favourite subject at school?

My favourite subject at school is English.


What do you want to do when you grow up and why?

When I grow up I want to be a doctor so that I can serve Pakistan, and help it make progress and become a good country.


What’s the best joke you’ve ever heard?

“A woman whose husband’s name was Kuch (which means butter in the local language) went to a neighbour’s house where she was offered some butter. The woman replied “How come I can eat the father of my kids?!”


What makes you happy?

I love travelling. Travelling makes me happy.


What makes you scared?

I’m scared of snakes.


Who are the most important people in your life?

The most important people in my life are my people here in Swat – the Pashtun people.


moniba sitting on the stairs with a bottle from wfpWhat message would you like to give to other children around the world?

I would like to ask all young students that they should work for the betterment of our country.

Moniba also wanted to give a special message to Japan, the country whose flag is on the oil they are given, since they have also been hit by a natural disaster.

“Japan has done a lot for us in difficult times and we are very much thankful to them for that. Now Japan has been hit by the tsunami and we children and people of Pakistan are sharing their sorrow and praying for them.”

I am really happy that there

I am really happy that there are children like Moniba in this world. She gave me a lot of hope and courage that we can still make a better world.