Put Together Your Freerice Dream Team

Have you heard of the expression “Six Degrees of Separation?” It’s a theory that says we’re all connected through just six degrees of separation. 

It’s kind of like imagining the world as one big interconnected web.  If I know a person there’s a chance that you could be connected to the same person through a friend of a friend, and so on.  

What if we put this theory to the test to change the world?  We each have our one unique voice to speak up on hunger. But what if we asked six friends to spread the word? And what if they asked six friends? And so on? Our impact would be huge.

Join us this February 6th to kick off “Six Degrees of Freeice,” the inaugural World Freerice Week. 

The concept is simple. Play Freerice and invite 6 of your friends to join with you and play.  There are even some great prizes for those recruit the most players or earn the most rice to sweeten the deal.

We know you never need an excuse to play our favourite hunger-fighting trivia game. But here’s the best part: all of those correct answers add up to one big impact on hunger. Since its launch in 2007, Freerice players have earned enough rice to provide meals to 5 million people.  This is your opportunity to share with your friends and family just how cool it is to be part of a global community connected to end hunger.

We hope you’ll join us this February for a week-long celebration of all we can accomplish together.

Sign up here and don’t forget to invite 6 of your friends!