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23 October 2015

Focus On Zero Hunger: South Sudan (Episode 6)

Nearly 4 million people, roughly a third of the population, in war-torn South Sudan face severe food insecurity with tens of thousands on the brink of famine. In one of the hardest-hit areas, Unity State, at least 30,000 people are living in extreme conditions and are facing starvation and death.

“This is the start of the harvest and we should be seeing a significant improvement in the food security situation across the country, but unfortunately this is not the case in places like southern Unity State, where people are on the edge of a catastrophe that can be prevented,” said WFP Country Director Joyce Luma. “The people of South Sudan need peace, nutritious food and other humanitarian assistance and livelihood support to survive and rebuild their lives."

Humanitarian assistance has been hampered by the dreadful violence and lack of access in recent months. Unless unrestricted humanitarian access is urgently granted, food insecurity could deteriorate to famine in parts of Unity State, UNICEF, the World Food Program and the Food and Agriculture Organization warned in a joint statement.