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2 July 2015

Food Assistance Cuts Overshadow Syrian Refugees’ Ramadan

“If there’s no assistance, what would we do? We would go home. That’s our last option,” Zaid, a Syrian refugee in Lebanon said as she learnt the World Food Programme (WFP) is once again being forced to cut the food assistance for Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan because of a severe lack in funding.
“We are very concerned over the impact this will have on families as we already know they are very vulnerable and one more shock can push them over the edge,” said WFP Communications Officer Dina El Kassaby, adding the cuts during Ramadan.
Since the beginning of the year, WFP has made concerted efforts to prioritize available funds to ensure continued assistance to families most in need. Limited resources, however, forced WFP already to reduce the assistance to 1.6 million Syrian refugees in the five countries.