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22 September 2015

Living in the Rubble, Ration Cuts Add to Despair in Syria (For the Media)

Inside Syria, WFP has received only a fraction of its funding requirements so far in 2015. This has resulted in a significant decrease of the food ration to only 74% of its intended size, meaning that families have to eat smaller meals, less frequently. Critical funding shortages have forced WFP to halve the level of assistance provided to almost 1.3 million vulnerable Syrian refugees in the region. With the value of food vouchers reduced, most refugees are now living on around 50 cents a day. WFP immediately needs US$278 million to continue providing a lifeline to Syrians affected by the conflict until the end of the year. Sustainable and predictable funding is needed to ensure that WFP assistance continues. Despite positive indications from some donors, WFP’s funding level remains far from adequate. The suffering of the millions affected by the Syria crisis will only be alleviated when a viable political solution to the conflict is reached, allowing families to return safely to rebuild their lives and livelihoods. 

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