Hidden Hunger - new video

Check out our new video blog about hidden hunger.

Hunger is No. 1 on the list of the world's top 10 health risks. In order to prevent malnutrition, people need the right food at the right time. Starting from the womb, the human body needs vitamins and minerals to help the body grow to be healthy and strong. Learn more about hidden hunger, and what WFP is doing to fight it by watching our latest video blog and exploring our web site to learn more about nutrition.


Sprinkle me...

I think this is such a great thing and really has the opportunity to do alot of great things.  I know the main interest is not to worry about the marketing of such a product, but I wonder how the product will be received in different cultures. Thinking about new ways to connect and contribute through creative marketing may make the job easier as a whole, as long as we are getting to the problem first, which is feeding the hungry.