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In 2020, climate extremes were the main driver of hunger in 15 countries

We Need Urgent Climate Action

In a 2°C warmer world there could be 189 million more people going to bed hungry. In a 4°C warmer world this could reach a staggering 1.8 billion people. We must help people adapt and limit the damage to lives, livelihoods and crops.

Our Food Systems are at risk.

The climate crisis is affecting all components of our food systems – from production to consumption. Without globally coordinated action addressing climate change before 2030, we will be confronted with unprecedented levels of food insecurity.

The perfect climate for hunger

The climate crisis is one of the greatest threats to humanity and driving global hunger. We cannot end hunger without addressing the climate crisis. 

The frontlines of the climate crisis

The climate crisis is no longer a glimpse into the future, but a daily reality for many communities around the world. Young people like Abbas stand to lose the most. But they are also leading the calls for change.