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There’s no single reason for today’s crisis

Conflict. Rising food and energy prices. Supply chain disruptions. All these things are forcing more and more people towards hunger.

WFP and the EU are Taking Action

As we face never-before-seen numbers of hungry people around the world, WFP has scaled up to reach a record number of people with assistance. Thanks to partners like the European Union, we are holding back famine and saving lives.

Together, we deliver emergency food assistance

As we prioritize action to prevent millions from dying of hunger, WFP and the EU continue to work to stabilize and build resilient national food systems and supply chains.

Together, we provide cash

Cash-based transfers allow WFP to deliver food assistance in the most efficient and cost-effective way as costs spiral around the world. The EU is a key supporter of our cash transfer work, which helps keep local economies afloat.

Together, we anticipate disasters before they strike

WFP and the EU pre-allocate cash, use forecasting to predict crises in advance, and make sure those affected are resilient enough to recover.

And we prevent hunger from being used as a weapon

WFP was awarded the Nobel Peace Price in 2020. With our European Union partners — who received the prize in 2012 — we continue to work together to uphold humanitarian principles across the globe, and to raise awareness of the link between conflict and hunger.