Published on 28 August 2009

WFP is expanding its operation to respond to the deteriorating humanitarian and security situation. The new planning figure is 150,000 persons while the previous 100,000.

On 16 August, 35 mt of HEB were airlifted to Sana’a from Dubai.

The humanitarian country team is elaborating a flash appeal for Sa’ada.WFP continues to face a total shortfall of US$20 million, some 36 percent of the overall US$55 million required in 2009. The shortfall will increase further as WFP expands the Sa’ada operation.

Lack of funding has left beneficiaries under the Sa’ada and flood EMOPs with reduced rations in July. Since June the country programme has been put on hold without resources to continue through the remainder of the year (impacting 900,000 vulnerable Yemenis); and under the HFP EMOP, 40 percent of mothers and children will not receive nutrition assistance for 6 out of 12 planned months. Overall, in November, 1.3 million beneficiaries (out of 1.6 million planned) will not benefit from food assistance.

General food distribution under the high food prices EMOP is going to cover August and September. The implementation of health activities is pending clearance from the Ministry of Health of weight and height measuring equipment. The security situation around Kharaz refugee camp remains volatile.