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To fight hunger worldwide, WFP relies on a strong network of reliable and reputable suppliers and service providers. Potential new suppliers are encouraged to submit their registration through the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) portal. Submitting an application through the UNGM portal does not imply that the requesting supplier would be invited to participate in the WFP tenders.

Invitation to participate in WFP tenders will depend on WFP's evaluation of a company's experience, its ability to perform and its financial soundness.

To be considered, potential new suppliers must provide correct and reliable information and ensure that the commodities, items and services offered are within WFP requirements.

The consideration of using new foods by WFP will depend on its suitability for use in WFP’s operations taking into account the evidence-base, product acceptability, nutritional value, quality and safety, procurement and logistic considerations.

How to Register with WFP