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A sharp escalation of the conflict in Gaza has left the entire population in desperate and catastrophic conditions. Around 2.2 million people, nearly the entire population, now need food assistance. Hundreds of thousands are crammed into overcrowded shelters and hospitals, with food and water running out.  

The World Food Programme (WFP) has provided emergency food and cash assistance to over 700,000 people across Gaza and the West Bank. WFP was working with 23 bakeries in Gaza at the start of its emergency response, providing bread for 200,000 people in shelters. But food systems are collapsing. The last bakery that WFP had been working with was shut down because it had no fuel or gas.  

WFP is distributing all the assistance it has inside Gaza, as quickly as it can. But without safe access, fuel and connectivity, our ability to conduct our operations is limited. To make a meaningful impact, we need a halt in the hostilities. 

Nearly one-third of the population of Palestine – 33.6 percent, or 1.84 million people – are food insecure. Funding shortages had already meant a devastating cut in assistance for 60 percent of WFP food-assistance recipients in June 2023. 

What the World Food Programme is doing to respond to the Palestinian emergency

Food assistance
WFP has provided emergency food assistance to over 700,000 displaced people in Gaza and plans to scale up food assistance to reach over one million people in the next few weeks. However, this can only happen with increased, sustained supply corridors into Gaza, the ability to rotate staff in and out with safe humanitarian access, and additional support from donors.
Cash assistance
WFP cash-based transfers have been a lifeline for many people. Nearly 367,000 people in Gaza redeemed cash assistance for food items in shops in October and even in the first week of November. But supplies in shops have run out, making this assistance model unworkable for now.
Monitoring and Evaluation
WFP is monitoring the availability and prices of food items and other commodities among its network of local shops.

How you can help

Humanitarian needs are rising even further in Palestine. Please donate today and help life-saving support reach those families who need it the most.
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