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Khadijatou: How 36 Years Living In A Camp, Fighting Hunger, Impacts Society And Family Structures

During a monitoring visit to Smara Refugee Camp the team met Khadijatou, one of the refugees who has been living in the camp for 36 years. She describes how her life was and how it has improved, thanks to humanitarian assistance.


Despite the efforts deployed by the international community, there is still little sign of a durable solution to the political stalemate which would enable the refugees to return home. WFP has been supplying food assistance to these refugees since 1986 providing 125 000 rations per month to the most vulnerable among them.

Malnutrition rates are high among the beneficiaries, with global acute malnutrition at 7.9 percent (of which severe: 1.3 percent) among children under 5 and chronic malnutrition at 27.9 percent among the same group, according to the WFP/UNHCR nutritional survey of October/November 2010. Anaemia rates are also very high at 53 percent for children 6–59 months of age, 49 percent for non-pregnant women and 56 percent for pregnant women.

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