With the help of nutritious food from WFP, Agnes can now take her antiretroviral drugs more regularly and can feed her family of seven. Copyright: WFP/Vera Boohene

In Ghana, a Full Stomach Means More Effective HIV Treatment

For many years, not having enough to eat meant that Agnes struggled to stay on her antiretroviral treatment. Thanks to food assistance from WFP, she can now take her medication more regularly, provide for her family and help others in her community.


Ghana currently ranks 135 out of 186 countries on the 2013 Human Development Index and is classified as a food-deficit country.  The discovery of oil and other positive economic developments led to the country’s classification as a lower-middle income country in 2010, but conditions in northern regions remain poor. Four out of ten children under five in these areas are stunted or chronically malnourished. In total, five percent of Ghana's population, or 1.2 million people, is hungry.