Germaine and Dieudonné are happy to attend classes thanks to school meals, and receive encouragements from Madagascar's Minister of Education.

(Photo: WFP/Riana Ravoala)

Strengthening School Feeding In Madagascar

The Government of Madagascar has made education a key development priority and the Minister of National Education is working to improve access to it by strengthening school feeding activities with the support of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).


Madagascar is the fourth biggest island on earth and because of its relative geographical isolation off the east coast of Africa, much of its flora and fauna exists nowhere else on earth.  It is defined as a low income country, ranking 155th out of 187 countries in the 2014 Human Development Report (UNDP). Poverty in Madagascar has increased and today 72 percent of the country’s estimated 22 million people live below the national poverty line. 

Tropical Storm Chedza Response 2015

In partnership with the Government of Madagascar, local authorities and humanitarian organisations, WFP is giving food assistance to some 15,000 people who have been displaced from their homes in the capital, the south-east and the south-west.The rations consist of rice, pulses and vegetable oil. WFP is also distributing High-Energy Biscuits to vulnerable people in Antananarivo (pregnant and nursing women, children under the age of five as well as the elderly and sick). 

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