Ahead of the storm, WFP already distributed food, ensuring that vulnerable people in Rakhine have enough to see them through.

Photo: WFP Myanmar/Teresa Ha

WFP Ready To Assist As Cyclone Mahasen Hits Bangladesh And Myanmar

Amid roaring winds and dark clouds on the horizon as Cyclone Mahasen rolls in, WFP staff in Bangladesh and Myanmar stand ready to respond where necessary.


Myanmar is the largest country in Southeast Asia with a land area of 676,578 square kilometers. The country's estimated population of 57.5 million is made up diverse ethnic and religious groups. It is rich in natural resources with immense possibilities, including agricultural land, forestry, natural gas, various metals and gems, and water resources.

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Planned Beneficiaries0
Beneficiary needs (mt)77,211
Beneficiary needs ($US)76,459,006