Netsai and granddaughter Kudakwashe can now afford to smile

Copyright: WFP/Tomson Phiri

Orphaned Child In Zimbabwe Smiles Again

Harare – WFP is providing nutritional support to malnourished children under five years of age, to pregnant and nursing women, and to food-insecure households with chronically-ill members. This is the story of the support being given to one family in Zimbabwe.


In recent years, food production in Zimbabwe has been devastated by a number of factors including natural disasters and economic and political instability. Recurrent drought, a series of poor harvests, high unemployment (estimated at more than 60%), restructuring of the agriculture sector and a high HIV/AIDS prevalence rate – at 14.7 per cent, the fifth highest in the world - have all contributed to increasing levels of vulnerability and acute food insecurity since 2001. This situation has necessitated large-scale humanitarian food relief operations in the country.



Inside Gokwe's Flooded Roads

Gandavaroyi, a village in Gokwe North, is only accessible by a rough gravel road. It lies some 455 km from Zimbabwe’s capital Harare. It is often hit by droughts and WFP has been assisting to meet the needs. The situation has been worsened by the excessive rains resulting in flooding in some parts of the country. One of WFP’s Field Monitors Innocent Sauti learnt about this the hard way  when he had to assist his off-road pull through the mud so they could both reach the people being assisted in the area.

Copyright: WFP/Tomson Phiri

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