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As part of the World Food Programme’s (WFP) Technology Division, FITTEST—the Fast IT and Telecommunications Emergency and Support Team, provides timely and reliable information and communications technology (ICT) services support in emergency response. The team is mandated to rapidly assess, build, enhance and restore ICT services during emergency and non-emergency operations. From capacity building to data connectivity, security telecommunications, information technology (IT) coordination and equipment management, FITTEST helps ensure WFP can deploy a range of innovative technology solutions, saving lives and changing lives when disaster strikes.

As the IT emergency response capacity of WFP, FITTEST is regularly called upon by the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) to support the coordination of inter-agency field operations and delivery of ETC services.

More than 1,500
missions since the beginning of FITTEST operations
130 countries
have hosted FITTEST missions

FITTEST services

  • Coordination

    FITTEST coordinates and establishes ICT services that have been disrupted by conflicts and natural disasters. FITTEST is called upon by the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) to rapidly assess and help coordinate the ICT response in emergencies.
  • Security telecommunications

    By working closely with the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) and the Telecommunications Security Standards (TESS) project team, FITTEST assists in deploying the most suitable security telecommunications systems in any humanitarian operation. Solutions deployed by FITTEST, such as satellite and mobile phones, radio communications
  • Connectivity

    FITTEST provides data and voice connectivity services in humanitarian operational locations where local infrastructure has been destroyed or is non-existent. The provision of data and voice connectivity services enables humanitarians and governments to coordinate their responses, interact with affected populations and deploy digital assistance platforms.
  • Capacity building

    FITTEST Training Services design and deliver engaging IT and telecommunication courses for technicians, managers, government-workers and emergency responders. With decades of field experience, FITTEST instructors relate their extensive practical expertise to fit the context of humanitarian operations and the learning needs of participants.
  • Cash transfers and SCOPE

    FITTEST supports SCOPE - WFP’s beneficiary and transfer management platform – with project management and development, surge capacity/staff mobilization, capacity building and equipment management.
  • Power solutions

    In unpredictable, remote and challenging environments, FITTEST provides power solutions to the humanitarian response community. FITTEST offers a full range of complete electrical supply services including general power, lighting, climate control and alarms that are critical for humanitarian operations.
  • Location Services

    FITTEST location services allow real-time monitoring of staff and assets, leading to a safer humanitarian response and ultimately saving more lives.