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FITTEST – The World Food Programme (WFP)’s Fast IT and Telecommunications Emergency and Support Team – is a group of humanitarian responders that deploys globally to establish and restore information and communications technology services in emergency preparedness and response scenarios.

Backed by over two decades of experience, FITTEST provides data connectivity, security telecommunications, digital assistance services and equipment services where communication is critical to humanitarians and affected populations.

FITTEST often works with the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) to provide shared communications services in humanitarian emergencies.

The FITTEST team is committed to fast, expert responses in multi-stakeholder, multi-hazard, multi-technology and multicultural contexts.


Emergency preparedness and steady state

Emergency preparedness means identifying risks and mitigating them so that operations are as resilient as possible when a disaster hits. FITTEST specialists build surge capacity and get operations ready for scale-up before a crisis happens.

Emergency and protracted crisis

Whether there is a sudden onset emergency or a crisis lasting many months, FITTEST technologists deploy to anywhere in the world, setting up rapid IT relief for humanitarian operations.

After emergency

FITTEST works with country teams in the weeks following a crisis to smoothly transition back into a steady state operation while also fulfilling preparedness principles. This ensures that the work is sustainable and can be maintained by local teams as they re-enter the emergency preparedness and response cycle.

FITTEST services

FITTEST builds, restores and upgrades data and voice connectivity in humanitarian operations where local infrastructure doesn’t exist, has been destroyed, or needs upgrading.
Security telecommunications
FITTEST advises on and deploys the most suitable security telecom systems for humanitarian operations working in compliance with the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) and Telecommunications Security Standards (TESS).
FITTEST advises and assists with equipment sourcing, management, shipping and maintenance wherever it is needed. Technology is deployed to support in all emergency preparedness and response phases. The FITTEST service portfolio stays abreast of new, cost-effective technologies and integrates feedback.