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Republic of Korea provides US$2.4 million for WFP's life saving efforts in Ethiopia, Jordan, Türkiye and Afghanistan

Rome/Seoul – The head of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) office in the Republic of Korea has announced that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has contributed US$ 2.4 million to WFP’s food assistance in Ethiopia, Jordan, Türkiye and Afghanistan.

This contribution includes US$ 400,000 to Ethiopia for food and nutrition assistance in the northern civil war area, US$ 500,000 to Jordan for food assistance to Syrian refugees, US$ 1 million to Türkiye for food and non-food assistance to Syrian refugees as well as livelihood assistance to vulnerable refugees and host communities, and US$ 500,000 to Afghanistan to support families struck by the devastating earthquake in June.

"I visited Ethiopia at the end of August and was able to witness the local food crisis, which has gotten worse due to the climate crisis and the aftermath of the Ukraine war.” Said Seon-hee Yoon, Director of WFP’s Republic of Korea office. “We are grateful for the timely support from the Korean government when 345 million people are severely food insecured worldwide, and among them 45 million people are facing famine.”

As of September 2022, more than 40 million people are suffering from food crises in Ethiopia, Jordan, Türkiye and Afghanistan.




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