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Statement by Rocco Leone, Deputy Country Director, WFP DRC


My name is Rocco Leone and I am the Deputy Country Director for the United Nations World Food Programme in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

I am sure that you will understand that the past few days have been very difficult for me, my colleagues, and our families.  The experience of what happened on Monday was both tragic and traumatic and I cannot begin to express the depth of my sadness about the lives lost. We mourn together with the families, friends, and colleagues of all of those who have sadly passed. 

The facts surrounding the incident on Monday have, understandably, been the subject of much attention and some speculation in the coverage that has been seen in the media.  While at this moment I cannot go into the details of the incident, it is incumbent on all four of us who survived to share as much information as we can on the matter, and we are all ready to do so. 

WFP has offered its complete assistance through official channels and is cooperating fully with all three of the reviews currently underway.   These are, respectively, being carried out by the Congolese and Italian authorities and the United Nations. 

My colleagues and I are cooperating with all the fact-finding missions that are currently underway.  

I am sure that I speak for everyone in saying that I look forward to the facts behind this tragic incident being soon established, and so that the perpetrators of this heinous attack can be brought to justice.

It is important that humanitarian operations can continue unhampered to save and change the lives of the many needy people whom we are here to serve. 





Democratic Republic of the Congo


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