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WFP Avian and Human Influenza Preparedness

Countries: | Operations ID: 10502.0 | Operations type: Special Operation (SO)

This Operation has been modified and extended in time until December 2010 as per Budget revision 8 (see below).

Following the approval of SO 10502, WFP has made significant progress related to improving preparedness for the avian and human influenza threat. It is however, not possible to complete the activities within the current timeframe.

WFP is procuring Tamiflu and other medical and non-medical protective equipment for all WFP staff and dependants in order to ensure compliance with the UN Medical Services recommendations.

Due to stretched global production capacity the delivery by suppliers will only take place in the latter half of 2006 and likely for some items only by end 2006, after which final delivery to WFP field offices will be organized by UNHRD.

In addition all WFP offices have been requested to participate within their respective Country Team to develop Pandemic Preparedness Plans in support of national government plans. To this effect, regional focal points are essential in facilitating this process, providing guidance and technical support to WFP offices to ensure consistent and high quality WFP inputs into these plans.

Meanwhile, the corporate Task force, its working groups and secretary are still active, reinforcing the overall preparedness framework with: the development of a business continuity strategy, the participation at inter-agency working groups on livelihood impact and vulnerabilities assessments, the participation at UN-wide discussions and planning events, maintaining the necessary level of communication to staff.

It is anticipated that the process and the need for regional support will be needed for an additional six months. No additional funding is required to support this work.