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Emergency Food Assistance to People Affected by Unrest in Syria

Operation ID: 200339

This Operation has been modified  as per budget revision 16 (see below).

EMOP 200339 was launched in October 2011 to provide relief food assistance to 50,000 people affected by localised civil unrest for an initial period of three months. With the rapid expansion of the conflict across the country and its devastating impact on the civilian population, WFP has continuously sought to adjust its humanitarian response to address the food needs of affected populations regardless of their location. The project has seen an exponential increase to over 4 million people in 2015.

This budget revision (BR 16) to the Syria emergency operation (EMOP 200339) seeks to: a. Extend the operation until 31 December 2016; b. Save lives of Syrians affected by the continuing conflict through the provision of emergency food assistance to 4 million people, and leverage WFP’s extensive outreach to mitigate the negative impact of the protracted crisis and address protections issues through coordinated responses; c. Scale-up livelihoods interventions for 100,000 individuals and their families to restore livelihoods and contribute to strengthening resilience to ongoing shocks, thereby improve household food security, and promote social cohesion. These interventions will contribute to revitalizing the local economy through increased use of cash-based transfers and enhanced food value chains; d. Invest in nutrition and education programmes for children and youth – prevention and treatment of acute malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies, fortified school snacks programme and vocational training – as key contributions towards safeguarding the wellbeing of future generations; and e. Bolster operational capacities – of WFP, Cooperating Partners (CPs) and Community Based Organizations – to continue to respond to evolving humanitarian needs and to implement recovery projects. Continuously capitalize on any increase in humanitarian space and possibilities to create programmatic synergies with other partners across all sectors.

Specifically, this budget revision will: a. Increase food (and related) costs by USD 547.8 million; b. Increase cash and voucher (and related) costs by USD 29.9 million; c. Increase direct support costs (DSC) by USD 32.2 million; d. Increase the overall project budget by a net of USD 652.7 million to USD 2.8 billion.

The programmatic interventions outlined in this revision have been guided and refined based on the findings of the first comprehensive household Food Security Assessment (FSA) carried out by WFP and its partners, covering 19,000 households in 2015. The analysis is further complemented by the 2015 Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission (CFSAM) conducted jointly by FAO and WFP as well as WFP monitoring data.