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Feeder Road Construction in support of WFP operations in Southern Sudan

Countries: South Sudan | Operations ID: 200379 | Operations type: Special Operation (SO)

This operation has been modified as per budget revision 3 (see below text)

This special operation is launched in support of WFP operations in Southern Sudan, currently the Emergency Operation (EMOP) Sudan 200151 – “Food Assistance to Vulnerable Populations Affected by Conflict and Natural Disasters” and the expected follow-up operations and the Southern Sudan Purchase for Progress programme. The primary objective is to reduce the transportation costs of food and to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of food assistance in post-conflict Southern Sudan. Secondary objective is to increase access to and from agricultural production areas, increasing farmer’s access to agricultural inputs and markets. Finally the activities carried out under this is special operation will improve the infrastructure of Southern Sudan, which is in line with the WFP policy to improve food security and will benefit the general development of the country.

Special operation (SO) 200236 will focus on the construction of approximately 500 km of feeder roads, as well as the implementation of local maintenance and community capacity building programs. The feeder roads will be constructed based on assessments and criteria agreed on by WFP and the Government of South Sudan. The selected routes will link the existing trunk roads, thus reducing the cost to access beneficiaries and agricultural production areas. The special operation is to be implemented under the overall responsibility of WFP Sudan within a period of thirty four months, starting March 2011. Total cost for the operation is US$ 80,629,220 million.


Budget revision 3 to SO 200379 allows for an extension in time of an additional fifty eight months (01 March 2014 through 31 December 2018), and additional Capacity Development and Augmentation (CD & A) and Direct Support Costs (DSC) of 85.6 million to support the construction of an additional 500 kilometers of feeder roads.