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Strengthening Food and Nutrition Security and Enhancing Resilience

Operation ID: 200443

This operation expired in December 2015.

Addressing humanitarian requirements and enhancing resilience in protracted crises present opportunities and challenges: in Somalia WFP’s responses need to be nuanced in view of the significant variations in vulnerability to food insecurity, adaptability, governance and insecurity. Protracted relief and recovery operation 200443 takes advantage of political and institutional opportunities in many parts of Somalia and was designed in consultation with the Government and local authorities, United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations and donors. It continues a shift begun under emergency operation 200281 from life-saving relief assistance  – primarily general food distributions  – towards recovery assistance that enables communities to cope more effectively with hardships.

Under the joint framework for enhancing resilience in Somalia developed by WFP, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the United Nations Children’s Fund, WFP will contribute targeted interventions to restore and create assets and will seasonally align its programmes with its partners to maximize complementary impacts. In line with the 2012 Istanbul II conference, WFP will extend this work to other areas and engage in capacity development for the Government and partners.

The operation will target up to 2.9 million people over three years with food and voucher and cash transfers. It has the following objectives: enhance the resilience of communities through food for assets and enhanced partnerships – Strategic Objective 2; rebuild household food and nutrition security with preventive and therapeutic interventions, school meals and food for assets – Strategic Objective 3; and protect livelihoods during shocks and seasonal vulnerability through nutritional support and targeted relief, as appropriate – Strategic Objective 1. It will also enhance capacities to address acute hunger in disasters and will build ministerial capacities with a view to eventual hand-over, addressing Strategic Objective 5.