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Support For The National School Feeding Programme in Djibouti

Operation ID: 200498

This development project responds to the Government of Djibouti's request for support in establishing a viable, sustainable, nationally-owned school feeding programme consistent with the Government’s efforts to guarantee basic education for all children.

Building upon the recommendations of the 2012 external evaluation of the current school feeding project, the project will aim to: (i) increase access to education for all children in targeted rural pre-, primary and middle schools in line with Strategic Objective 4 (“Reduce chronic hunger and undernutrition”); and ii) enhance the capacity of the Government to formulate a national school feeding policy and establish a sustainable national school feeding programme that is integrated into Djibouti’s wider education sector policy in line with Strategic Objective 5 (“Strengthen the capacities of countries to reduce hunger through hand-over strategies and local purchase”).

Capacity development efforts will also focus on national capacity in monitoring and evaluation of national school feeding programmes.

WFP school feeding will directly assist 17,900 beneficiaries in rural areas of all five regions of Djibouti - Arta, Ali-Sabieh, Dikhil, Obock, and Tadjourah - and in the suburban area of Djibouti-City. WFP will aim to progressively hand-over direct implementation of school feeding to the Government.