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Food Assistance to Vulnerable Populations Affected by Conflict and Natural Disasters

Operation ID: 200597

This operation has expired in June 2015.

Sudan continues to be one of WFP’s most complex humanitarian emergencies, characterised by conflicts, protracted displacement and a deteriorating economic climate and millions of people dependent on humanitarian assistance. Unresolved issues from the Comprehensive Peace Agreement have exacerbated economic instability and border conflicts, leading to  massive internal and external displacement. Since the separation of South Sudan in July 2011, Sudan has faced a number of humanitarian challenges due to on-going conflict and insecurity in Darfur and an escalation of conflict in the Abyei area and the states of South Kordofan and Blue Nile. Moreover, the loss of 75 percent of oil revenue following South Sudan’s separation has affected the Government of Sudan’s ability to continue previous levels of expenditure on essential basic services.