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Logistics Capacity Development: Post-Harvest Food Loss Reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa through improved Storage and Handling at the start of the Supply Chain.

Countries: Burkina Faso, Uganda | Operations ID: 200671 | Operations type: Special Operation (SO)

This operation has expired.

Post-harvest food loss is one of the largest contributing factors to food insecurity in Africa, directly impacting the lives of millions of smallholder farming families every 
year. Although warnings have sounded regarding our global inability to feed a growing population by 2050, the answer does not solely and simply require an expansion of  agricultural production. A sustainable solution to the threat of global food shortages will rely heavily on the preservation of existing food production; a reduced loss of food.
Global food production, supply and consumption systems are not functioning to optimal efficiency, with food losses in sub-Saharan Africa alone exceeding 30 percent of total crop production and representing more than USD$4 billion in value every year (FAO, 2011). These annual food losses far exceed the total amount of international food aid provided to sub-Saharan African countries each year.