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Building Resilience, Protecting Livelihoods and Reducing Malnutrition of Refugees, Returnees and other Vulnerable People

Operation ID: 200713

This operation has been modified as per budget revision 5.

WFP will shift its operations in Chad from providing relief to strengthening the resilience of vulnerable populations. This shift will enhance the capacity of vulnerable populations to quickly respond to shocks through mechanisms that support the development and integration of local markets: voucher-based transfers and local purchase of food. Where markets are functioning well, vouchers will become the primary mechanism for assistance. WFP will increase local purchases in surplus areas with the aim of increasing efficiency and responsiveness, and fostering market development. In food-insecure areas with inadequate market integration, vulnerable households will receive food donated to WFP in-kind, or food purchased from surplus areas in Chad. Fragile markets will not be disrupted: the timing and scale of the interventions will respond to seasonal patterns and agricultural forecasts. 

Assistance for long-term refugees will be based on needs rather than refugee status. Vulnerability-based targeting will be implemented with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, focusing on identifying durable solutions; a similar approach will be used to develop long-term livelihood strategies for refugees from the Central African Republic. Seasonal asset creation will promote resilience and mitigate risks.

The community-based approach to addressing undernutrition will focus on the 1,000 days from conception to 24 months, providing targeted supplementary feeding for moderately malnourished children and pregnant and lactating women, and blanket supplementary feeding for children in areas with high rates of moderate malnutrition. Prevention of chronic malnutrition, previously implemented for refugees, will be extended to other areas. All assistance will take gender-specific needs into account.