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Emergency Assistance To Civilians Affected By The Conflict In Eastern Ukraine

Operation ID: 200765

This operation has been modified per Budget Revision 5( see below)

Ukraine has seen civil unrest, upheaval and conflict over the past year. In March 2014, Crimea was annexed to Russia, followed by the separatist uprising of Ukraine’s eastern regions. The Government experiencednumerous changes, including the eviction of the president, the election of an interim president in August 2014, and the new Government taking power. 

The WFP Emergency Operation will provide life-saving, time-critical food assistance to the most vulnerable groups amongst the internally displaced people, returnees, host
families and those trapped in conflict hotspots, mostly controlled by anti-government entities. Within a highly volatile military and political context, WFP will maintain
operational flexibility and provide food assistance through a mix of locally-procured in-kind food and cash and vouchers within Donbas and three neighbouring oblasts where the majority of conflict affected people are concentrated.


In light of the continued food insecurity situation in eastern Ukraine, this BR5 seeks to extend the project for six months from 1 July through 31 December 2016 to meet the needs of food insecure people affected by the conflict. IN particular, it will:

  • increase food requirements by 12,791 mt for an additional six months;
  • assist 280,0001 food insecure with a combination of modalities: (General Food Distribution (GFD))/in-kind and cash-based transfers (CBT) during the extension period;
  • introduce early recovery activities in the framework of in-kind and CBT modalities for smooth transition into a new Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO) in 2017, where the aim is to scale up this type of activities and build-in an exit platform.