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Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Mauritania

Operation ID: 200803

This operation has been modified as per budget revision 2 (see below).

This Special Operation is established to provide access for the humanitarian community to remote and vulnerable areas of Mauritania. The humanitarian crisis in the country is characterized by food insecurity, high prevalence of malnutrition, low schooling and significant flooding which hit the country in 2014. The presence of Malian refugees adds further challenges to a country which was affected by serious food and nutrition crises in 2012. Consequently, large numbers of people are in need of humanitarian assistance. However, continuing insecurity, vast distances, and poor transportation networks within the country severely limit access to vulnerable populations. 

With a budgeted cost of US$ 5,526,975, SO 200803 will be managed by the WFP Mauritania Country Office. On behalf of the humanitarian community, UNHAS will serve approximately six regular destinations with one Beechcraft 1900 aircraft.


This BR 2 to  Special Operation 200803 extend the project in time for twelve months, with a budget increase of US$2,334,615, to ensure the continued provision of air transport services to the humanitarian community until 31 December 2017.