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Logistics & Emergency Telecommunications Augmentation and Coordination to Support Humanitarian Operations in Yemen

Operation ID: 200841

This operation has been modified as per budget revision 7.

WFP, in its role as the lead agency of the Logistics and Emergency Telecommunications Clusters, aims to launch this Special Operation (SO) to augment logistics and emergency telecommunications in support of the ongoing WFP Emergency Operation in Yemen as well as to provide the humanitarian community with adequate logistics and ICT capabilities and enhanced coordination mechanisms to deliver relief items to affected populations in Yemen.

Due to the dire security situation, the humanitarian community is facing the challenge of mounting an appropriate response and accessing people in need of assistance. Access to the country by air and sea is proving challenging as the conflict spreads and travel by road between key locations is not safe. The problem of limited logistics services and inadequate infrastructure are compounded by in-country fuel shortages, which disrupt relief operations.

The ongoing conflict has severely damaged the electric-power infrastructure, thus affecting the telecommunications network. Hence there is a need for independent communication networks and coordination between humanitarian organizations and government counterparts.The Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) will focus on implementing secure telecommunications services to facilitate the work of the humanitarian community.