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Reducing Malnutrition and Strengthening Resilience to Shocks for a Food-Secure Somalia

Operation ID: 200844

This operation has been modified as per budget revision 4.

After twenty years of violence and political instability, and despite acute needs in parts of the country, Somalia is slowly emerging from being a “failed” to becoming a “fragile” state. Since 2012, WFP has expanded its operations in southern Somalia, following Al-Shabaab’s ban on its activities in 2010.

This protracted relief and recovery operation continues the shift from relief to recovery that began under protracted relief and recovery operation 200443. The 2015 external evaluation considered WFP’s approach to linking relief and recovery according to local needs as successful in addressing the different needs of vulnerable Somalis.

The operation will utilize new technologies for biometric registration, transfer management and remote monitoring and evaluation, allowing WFP to collect information rapidly and refine its programming according to changing needs. These technologies also increase transparency and accountability while minimizing the security risks for staff in complex environments.

WFP will increase the use of cash-based transfers to 40 percent of total transfers through the operation whenever market functionality and seasonality permit.

The operation is based on extensive consultations with Somali authorities and other partners. WFP will provide food and nutrition assistance to 2.4 million vulnerable people over three years, reaching 1.4 – 1.6 million people per year.

WFP will continue to coordinate with other United Nations agencies and non-governmental partners to ensure maximum complementarity and impact.