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Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Cameroon

Operation ID: 200895

This operation has been modified as per budget revision 2 (see below)

The Special Operation (SO) "Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Cameroon" is established to ensure safe and reliable air transport services to the humanitarian community in Cameroon as well as to provide capacity for possible evacuation of humanitarian staff when required. 

Conflicts in both Nigeria and Central African Republic (C.A.R.) continue to displace thousands of people into Cameroon, and the spillover from Boko Haram’s violent attacks in Nigeria in particular threatens the humanitarian situation in the country. Internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees and host communities are currently living in precarious conditions, competing over already inadequate resources. The deterioration of the security situation in the Far North and North regions and the current lack of reliable commercial air operators have made humanitarian access extremely difficult, posing a major challenge to the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

Consequently, the UN Resident/Humanitarian Coordinator in Cameroon has requested WFP to establish a United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) in order to enable humanitarian organizations access to project implementation sites and facilitate the humanitarian response.


This BR 02 to Special Operation 200895, seeks to extend the project in time for 12 months in order to ensure the continued provision of air transport services to the humanitarian community until 31 December 2017, with a subsequent total budget increase of US$4,334,965.