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IR-PREP - Special Preparedness Activities in Ecuador related to El Nino

Operation ID: 200915

This Operation expired on April 2016

The phenomenon of El Niño Southern Oscillation, known as El Niño presents a direct threat and challenge to food security in the region as it has been forecasted to be the strongest of its kind in over 35 years. Climate change and variability are already impacting South America and will continue to have medium and long-term impacts, particularly on livelihoods as well as on food and nutrition security.

There is a general concern about the impact of the forecasted strong El Niño in Ecuador in 2015-2016. The Government of Ecuador has started preparedness activities, through Secretary Risk Management- SGR who maintain the national rectorate in terms of risk management, and with local government GAD who have the risk management responsibility at local level. 

As part of the immediate response preparedness, WFP Ecuador, in coordination with SGR, have established the following IR-PREP to be implemented during the period of February 1th to April 30th 2016.