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IR-PREP - Special Preparedness Activities for El Nino in Colombia

Countries: Colombia | Operations ID: 200916 | Operations type: Emergency Operation (EMOP)

This Operation expired in May 2016.

In Colombia El Niño and the crisis on the northern border with Venezuela are currently presenting Colombia with two humanitarian challaneges. El Niño has lead to water shortages, drought and forest fires. This is of particular concern in rural communities with access contraints and high poverty rates, being compounded by armed violence, means increase vulnerabilities to large portions of Colombia’s population. Additionally the crisis on the northern border with Venezuela has resulted in returnees coming back from Venezuela, which is straining government capacity.

Activities proposed under this IR-Prep are aimed to enhance government and institutional preparedness to El Niño and the northern border crisis. These activities, agreed upon with the Government of Colombia, are: Enhance government capacity to asses needs in affected territories; Support institutions in the creation of Early Warning Systems; Strengthen government capacity to conduct contingency plans and risk analyses; Develop systems to share knowledge on effective preparedness actions.

The duration of this project will be for 3 months (February 8th 2016 to May 8th 2016).