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Assistance for Food-Insecure and Vulnerable Populations Affected by Conflict and Loss of Livelihoods in Eastern Ukraine

Operation ID: 200953

After two years of conflict, the security situation in eastern Ukraine remains fragile. The consequences of conflict and political stalemate are felt by individuals and communities throughout Ukraine. An estimated 1.1 million people are in need of food assistance, with many resorting to negative coping mechanisms. The Government continues to face massive challenges, including a deepening economic crisis and the urgent need for social and fiscal reform. Without medium- to long-term interventions, more people will require humanitarian assistance in the months and years to come.
The proposed protracted relief and recovery operation builds on the activities and lessons learned from emergency operation 200765. It is informed by assessments, evaluations and participatory consultations, which have led to a refinement of the programme strategy and the choice of transfer modalities. WFP will address the food needs of the most vulnerable people in eastern Ukraine while gradually supporting early recovery. The operation is aligned with WFP’s Strategic Plan (2017–2021) and gender and protection policies and guidelines. It is guided by Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 17, fostering partnerships and national plans and strategies to achieve zero hunger.
The operation is in line with the United Nations Development Assistance Framework; contributes to the Government’s Single and Comprehensive Strategy and Action Plan for Agriculture and Rural Development in Ukraine for 2015–2020 by enhancing food security and monitoring systems; and is aligned with national social protection schemes. It also builds on the priorities of the humanitarian response plan and national recovery plans.